Statement on Money in Politics

One of the reasons that I am proud to be running as a Progressive is that the Vermont Progressive Party forbids candidates from accepting corporate campaign contributions. I am excited to continue that tradition in my City Council race.

The influence of corporations, super PACs, and large donors in our elections is one of the greatest threats to democracy, and corporate and super PAC money has no place in our electoral process, particularly in a small local election such as this one.

That’s why I am calling on all candidates in Burlington’s 2018 elections to join me in a pledge to reject any and all campaign contributions from Super PACs and corporations. In the tradition of the People’s Pledge made between Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown in their 2012 Senate race, this pledge would help ensure that elections in Burlington would be decided fairly, without the influence of moneyed special interests.

Regardless of our political beliefs or party affiliations, I think all Burlingtonians can agree that local elections should be about conversations between candidates and their neighbors, public forums and respectful debates, and ultimately decided based upon the ideas, vision, values and capabilities of the candidates, and how those ideas align with the wants and needs of those living in that neighborhood. The amount of money raised from corporations and wealthy individuals should not, and must not, become a major factor in terms of how races are decided here in Burlington.

If you agree with the above statement, and are a candidate in Burlington’s 2018 elections, please sign on below to make the commitment to refuse any and all corporate or super PAC contributions to your 2018 campaign. If your campaign has already received such contributions, you must return them or donate them to a local charity before signing on.

In Solidarity,

JF Carter Neubieser, Candidate for Ward 8 City Council



Carina Driscoll candidate for mayor

Max Tracy candidate for Ward 2 city council
Brian Pine candidate for Ward 3 city council
Jesse Warren candidate for Ward 5 city council
Adam Roof candidate for Ward 8 city council
James Lockridge for Ward 3 city council
Lizzie Haskell candidate for Ward 3 city council
Charles Simpson candidate for Ward 6 city council  
Ali Dieng candidate for Ward 7 city council
Chip Mason candidate for Ward 5 city council
Karen Paul candidate for Ward 6 city council

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