Activist Eli Pine’s Endorsement!

Dear Ward 8 Residents,

My name is Eli Pine and I’m a student at Burlington High School (BHS). I’ve grown up in Burlington and seen this city go through immense change. Over the past few weeks, I worked with six other BHS students to petition the Burlington School Board to get the Black Lives Matter flag raised at BHS. During this time, Carter reached out to me to offer his unwavering support and praise for what we were doing. It was then that I saw Carter’s commitment to justice and inclusion, and because of this, I jumped on his campaign team. Working with Carter has been one of the best experiences of my life and I am amazed by his deep, daily commitment to racial, economic, social and environmental justice. Because of this, I am writing to you today to ask you to support Carter Neubieser for Ward 8 City Council.

It’s hard to know who to vote for when you don’t personally know the candidates. All you have to rely on is their campaign literature, websites, and previous records so I want to tell you a little more about Carter, and my experience getting to know him.

Carter has inspired me since the day that I met him. He wakes up every single morning (sometimes early afternoon) ready to fight for a better world. He never stops. This past fall, I witnessed Carter challenge US Congressmen and Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Keith Ellison to explain what was being done to reform the DNC. Ellison loved the question and explained, in depth, his work on DNC reorg. He mentioned to Carter that he was working on eliminating Superdelegates and putting a greater focus on welcoming blue-collar workers back into the Democratic Party. With this information Carter thanked Ellison for his time and offered to help on the local level. By watching Carter work, I have seen that there is no time in which he isn’t thinking about what he can be doing to make change.

Throughout his time at UVM, Carter has met with a wide array of student groups, from BSU to Planned Parenthood. He also organized Ward 8 residents on local issues such as the F-35s and the sale of our internet provider, Burlington Telecom.

The sale of BT was a long, drawn out process, in which hundreds of Burlingtonians voiced their concerns. There was one bidder that was locally and cooperatively owned. The current Ward 8 councilor was the deciding vote against it. Despite dozens of calls and emails from constituents, he voted to sell Burlington’s internet to a large corporation. Millions of dollars could have been put into our local economy, and we could have ensured fair rates and Net Neutrality. Carter heard the voices of Ward 8 residents and decided to run for City Council this year in order to better represent all of Ward 8.

No one on this campaign is getting paid to do this work. We are volunteering every day and pouring our hearts into this because we know that we can do better by students, and better by the City of Burlington. We know that we can do more on climate change, affordable housing, racial justice, sexual assault, gender and orientation discrimination, raising the wage, and sustainable transportation. Students deserve a platform and a seat at the table to advance all of these causes. But this won’t happen unless you get out to vote and bring your friends with you to the polls.

So please, I encourage you to head to City Hall on Monday, the 5th, or the Fletcher Free Library on Tuesday, the 6th, from 7am – 7pm and Vote!

Please call us at 802-598-3208 if you need a ride, as we will be driving people to the polls all day.

Thank you so much. 


Eli Pine

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